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In Leather Outdoors

This new week brings you more new and hot chateau cuir scenes as per usual and we have one more babe that is eager to show us her love for leather as well this afternoon. She is one sensual and sexy brunette and as you will see, her scene takes place outdoors for today. We can say that she just looked amazing posing outside and she had quite the naughty outfit on as well. She quite enjoyed her walk to the spot where the pictures were taken too as she had on this lovely and sexy red leather coat on. Well what passers by didn’t know is that this luscious babe was sporting little more than some lingerie underneath with her thigh high boots and that’s taht.

She did say that she regularly likes to do this kind of thing as well as they don’t even suspect a single thing about her too. All in all it was nice to see her smiling all the way there as she knew just how kinky and naughty she was. Once at the site, the lady didn’t take long to get in the whole posing mood and once she got started she was on auto pilot practically. Sit back and watch her as she gets to pose around sensually and sexy in her superb leather lingerie and have fun with that nice and hot scene too. We hope you enjoyed your stay for this week as well and we will return soon with more new and hot updates for you to see!

chateau-cuir-red leather coat

Take a look at this sexy mistress in her leather lingerie!

Chateau Cuir – Party in Leather

Another fresh week and it’s time to enjoy some more amazing chateau cuir galleries today everyone. We know how much you guys loved seeing some sexy and kinky girl on girl action in the past and so, here we are with another amazing and sexy scene for you to see with some very wild and sexy ladies getting to enjoy themselves in front of the cameras and you as well. Of course, they are clad in leather as all the babes here and we do have to say that those outfits they were sporting look simply amazing too. They took their time to play and tease each other and what came out is a simply magnificent and sexy scene too. So let’s get this show on the road.

chateau-cuir-party in leather

These two leather loving babes’ outfits were all black for the blonde and black and red for the dark brown headed one. And both of them had knee high leather boots too. As the scene begins, you get to watch them get started as they start to caress each other’s bodies and start to remove their clothes piece by sexy piece too. Of course, when they get more naked you get to watch them play with each other’s sexy and perky breasts along with their eager pussies too. It is simply amazing to see them in action so do take your time to enjoy the nice and hot scene too. We will be seeing you next week once more with all new updates as well!

See these leather loving lesbians teasing each other!

Painful Entertainment

This week’s scene has more Chateau Cuir goodies that you can see and they are just as sexy and hot as always. We wanted to bring you more of the babe that you got to see quite a lot in the past today and she was as gorgeous as always in this scene too. You will recall that last time you saw her she got wild with another blonde mistress and the two of them had lots of fun times together with the blonde pounding her tight wet pussy with a strap on dildo as well. It was a lot of fun to see them at play so make sure you check that out as well. Well in this new and sexy scene the sexy babe has another guy on her hands that she wants to discipline and you can bet that she sure took her sweet time to do it as well.

This guy always likes to talk back to her and today the mistress finally had enough of this. So he got himself in quite a bit of trouble you might say. We say that because as generous and kind as this mistress can be, if you anger her you should expect a big backlash from the whole thing. Sit back and watch her having fun this whole afternoon as she teases him as much as he wants and he has no say in it at all. You get to see her slap all of his body causing him pleasure through pain and she also makes sure to play with herself in front of him just to get him rock hard and then to punish him for that too. It’s definitely a scene that you don’t want to skip so take your time and have fun with it today!


See this nasty mistress messing around with her slave!

Mistress Dante Posh

Hello there once more everyone and as usual welcome back to some more new and naughty chateau cuir scenes with sexy babes and submissive guys. As you know, you can always find the hottest and sexiest female domination scenes around here plus some more other kinky stuff too. Well this scene brings you some more superb and sexy goodies as you get to see a hot and sexy ebony mistress making her sex slave do whatever she wants in the afternoon. She likes her men submissive as puppies and this guy is just perfect for her to take advantage on in order to have fun for the afternoon. Enjoy watching the hot brunette babe in action today.

chateau-cuir-Mistress Dante Posh

The woman was sporting a nice and sexy looking full body leather suit and as all the ladies around here she was looking simply amazing as well. Take your time to sit back and relax as you get to watch her in action with the guy today and first things first, she has him undress. After that you get to see her making him worship her pussy and with her pants still on he was made to lick her pussy as well. But that was not all as the beauty had more teasing in store for him today. Watch and see how she rewards him with some more teasing by stroking his cock and making sure that he doesn’t blow his load too soon either. Enjoy and goodbye!

See this nasty ebony mistress teasing her slave!

Chateau Cuir – Military Strap On

Hey there guys and welcome back. More new chateau cuir scenes are here so and enjoy today and like always we have the best of the best. You know we always bring you high quality scenes with the most superb mistresses and this scene is no exception either. In this scene we have a very authoritary little mistress in a sexy officer outfit and she plans on having some sweet fun with her man slut this afternoon too. Let’s get to take our time to see more in detail what this babe had in mind and you can rest assured that this is one scene that you simply just have to see. So enough talk and let’s get to see the sexy action go down today.

The sexy babe had to discipline this guy for the afternoon and she was going to take her time with it to do it in style too. And for that like we said she got to wear her super sexy and hot officer outfit today. Suffice to say that she was smoking hot, and we think that the guy was more subdued by how sexy she looked rather than her strict personality this afternoon. Well either way, the babe put on her strap on dildo and had the guy working it nicely though the whole afternoon. Watch him talking dirty to him and see this beauty making him suck the sex toy for this scene. Enjoy it and do check out our previous galleries to see more amazing scenes!


Check out this nasty mistress getting her strap on sucked!

Never Too Much Leather

As we promised you last week, today is time for one more new chateau cuir update for you. This time we bring you a couple. And it’s a couple that just adores leather clothing nonetheless as well. Today you get to see these two just how passionate they can get when they have sex and rest assured that it makes for some good entertainment too. The lady and the dude here want to show off everything that they like to do in bed and you get to see every detail of it as well for this nice and hot scene too. So without further due, let’s get the cameras to roll once more and see how the two spent their afternoon today shall we everyone?

The couple first appear in their all black leather clothing and you can see them already kissing and caressing one another passionately. They seemed to have returned from a very fun night out and they seem to have gotten pretty horny by the time that they got back home. Of course, they locked the door behind them as they didn’t want to have anyone disturb them at any point today. Watch as the babe letting the lucky dude play with her perky natural tits first and then see her drop to her knees to suck and deep throat that hard cock. And after that, well, we’ll leave it up to you to discover everyone. Enjoy it and do come back next week for more!

chateau-cuir-lots of leather

Watch this leather loving couple pleasing one another!

Chateau Cuir – Lesbian Leather Fetish

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to a brand new chateau cuir update. We wanted to do something a little bit special for this scene and so, you get to see some new babes in action. We wanted to show you that the babes around here get as wild with one another in private in addition to just with the guys as well, and man we can sure say that they like to party hard. For this afternoon we bring you a pair of leather clad babes that get to enjoy some nice and hot lesbian sex in the afternoon as they got really really horny and eager to fuck like crazy. Let’s not delay and watch them in action in this superb and sexy scene.

chateau-cuir-Lesbian leather fetish

As the scene starts off, the two babes make their entry. And it doesn’t take long for them to start kissing and caressing one another tenderly today to get things started. The blonde pulls out a nice and big strap on dildo that she intends to use on her buddy’s eager pussy and the brunette couldn’t be more happy about that either. Watch the blonde laying on her back on a white bed, and see the brunette making sure to lube the toy with a nice and long oral session as she sucks and slurps on it. And after that you get to see her taking her spot on top of it to ride it hard style. Have fun with the scene as usual and we’ll be back soon with more!

Watch here these nasty lesbians dildo-fucking one another!

Chateau Cuir – Sex Slave

Time to get to see some more Chateau Cuir action this afternoon. In this fresh scene we bring you a superb and hot fuck scene with a mistress that has taken her man slut out for a walk. Well he didn’t need clothes anyway, and she was sure to give him quite the treat by the end of it all. Well we know that you will enjoy seeing the babe dominate the guy and rest assured that it’s quite the sight to see as well. The pleasing part of the scene, happens after their little walk, and rest assured that she didn’t take the guy too far. She just took him around the back yard by the pool. Oh and do check out past scenes as well for more kinky sex scenes too.

Well the little walk didn’t take too long as the babe decided taht that was enough fresh air. Now she would have him focus on her needs as she was very much desiring a nice and hard style pussy pounding for the afternoon as well. Well the guy was all ready as he was completely naked so you then get to see the babe making him pull down her pants and panties. And after some oral pleasing, you’ll see this amazing blonde bending over and taking his hard cock nice and deep in her cunt. Enjoy watching the mistress moaning in intense pleasure as that big dick fucks her this evening and enjoy the view. As per usual we will be back next week with more new scenes too!

chateau-cuir-Leather sex slave

See this kinky mistress getting fucked by her slave!

Leather Lingerie and Boots

Time to get to see another hottie as she gets to show off to you. And of course you are bound to recognize her on the spot as well. She is the cutie that you got to see flaunt her sexy curves in leather outfits in past chateau cuir scenes as well. And so she decided to make another appearance for you this afternoon with another new and hot scene as well. Let’s get to watch the babe that has charmed you once more in action as she gets to show off her superb body for you once again. The scene is sizzling hot and trust us when we say that you will just adore it as well. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see your favorite babe in action once again shall we?


The kinky babe knows full well what you like to see and she fully intends to deliver today. As always she comes to your screens sporting some very very kinky clothes and she’s quite eager to show off. Of course, you must see her show off each and every inch of her sexy figure and it’s quite a nice sight indeed. Sit back and relax as you can watch her take off more and more clothes until she reveals her sweet pussy for you to see today. Then she gets even more naughty with her sexy little belt and you get to watch her rubbing her pussy with it as well. We know that you will love her as always and we will be back soon with other great scenes for you to see!

Watch this kinky babe stripping off her leather lingerie!

Chateau Cuir – Leather Hole Fuck

Well here we are once again with a new and hot chateau cuir gallery for you guys to see and enjoy. For this afternoon scene, you get to see a sexy and hot red head with a passion for showing off and she’s all ready to play for your enjoyment as well. She is quite the kinky and wild woman and she never feels bad about showing off just what she’s all about. And rest assured that she will be doing plenty of that this afternoon as you also get to see her in action with her favorite dildo from her collection. And of course, she couldn’t be missing her sexy outfit for this as well. It was all leather and she looked amazingly sexy while wearing it too!

Well sit back and enjoy as you are about to see one hottie of a babe and how she likes to go about showing off her self pleasing skills this afternoon. The scene begins with her making her entry in her sexy leather outfit, which is followed by her unbuttoning her shirt to show off her perky round tits first and foremost. Then the toy that we told you about comes into play and you can see that this little cutie wasted no time either. Sit back and watch her spreading her legs to reveal her kinky hole in the pants. Watch her slide that dildo nice and deep in her pussy and see her moan in pleasure as she gets around to fuck herself nice and deep with it as well.

chateau-cuir-leather fuck hole

Check out this redhead dildo-fucking her pussy!

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