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Kinky in leather

Another fresh week and time for one more new and fresh chateau cuir update to be showed off. Well in the last weeks you got to see this sexy and sensual little brunette babe as she got to show off her sexy clothes for you and the cameras. And since you just adore her so much we just had to bring her back yet again too. Just like in her past scenes, the babe gets to sport some very sensual and sexy outfits for you and you just have to see her at play. Let’s not delay her scene any longer today as she gets to put on another simply amazing and hot show for you guys as well. So let the cameras roll and let’s watch her play once again!


As the cameras start to roll, you can see that the babe makes her entry. This time she was sporting a nice and sexy leather top, a chocker, armbands with spikes on them, a studded belt, her fishnet stockings and her leather short shorts too. Oh, you can be sure that she was more than ready to play naughty and kinky for you today and you just have to take your time to enjoy this one. Sit back and watch her unzipping the shorts to show off that she wasn’t wearing any panties today too. You get to have some more nice and sexy views of her eager pussy and we know that you will love it. Let’s hope she will be back soon with more for you!

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Chateau Cuir – Gothic Black Leather

This week’s scene is another hot and sexy one too. We know how much you guys enjoyed seeing the last week’s babe in action showing off her leather outfits and so, we decided to bring her back with another one of her amazing chateau cuir scenes. The tall and fair brunette this time decided to go for a more sexy and hot gothic look of the whole thing and she just looked amazing this afternoon as well. We know that you want to see her at play some more and it’s quite fitting to let you get to it but in due time. We can say for sure that she will be back more in future updates as well as this lovely hottie just adores to expose her amazingly hot and sexy body for the cameras.

Well as her amazing and hot scene gets started today, you get to see that she was sporting an all black leather outfit this time. Like we said, it has this sexy and sensual goth style to it and it was simply sizzling hot. Sit back and watch the superb woman as she gets to parade her amazing and sexy body for your viewing pleasure. You get to see her as she goes around striking her simply amazing and hot poses for you and the camera and it’s just the most amazing thing to see too. Oh and she even gives you some nice peeks at her pink pussy as well. We hope that you enjoyed this scene and rest assured that you will be getting to see much more as well soon.

chateau-cuir-Gothic black leather

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The Red Leather Coat

Today’s scene brings you more of what you guys just adore seeing. And as you can clearly see, it’s one superbly hot and sexy brunette babe showing off here at chateau cuir. This amazing woman has a kink for red tight clothes and leather and you will be simply amazed by her and her outfit today. Not only is she a really hot babe but this clothing set makes her even hotter. As you can see it was all read and all made out of leather and you can bet that she was feeling very frisky while wearing it. And naturally that only led to her wanting to show off to you and the cameras as she’d do some sensual posing this afternoon. So let’s get to see her in action for her superb scene.


Like we said, the babe was dressed in leather head to toe, well except maybe her high heels. But either way she was looking smoking hot and she was ready to play for you. When she removes the coat you get to see that underneath she had a pair of tight red leather pants that were paired with a red leather corset. Like we said, the whole outfit just made her look amazing and you get to spend this time for the afternoon to check her out as she parades her body in her sexy outfit some more. Enjoy seeing her show off her sexy body wrapped in leather today and have fun with it. We will be returning next week with another new and fresh gallery too!

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Couple Loves Leather Sex

Hey there once more everyone. We come back today with more new and fresh chateau cuir updates for you and they are as hot and kinky as always too. For this one however we have a kinky couple. The thing is that the lady likes to be really dominant in bed while the stud always enjoys letting her have her way with him in any way that she wants. And this afternoon she was in need to assert herself once more. Of course he was glad to help her as always, and he does enjoy just how naughty and kinky the babe gets every time they get to fuck too. Let’s get those cameras rolling and see the action go down as you simply must watch this scene.

As the scene itself begins, the guy was already naked and waiting for his lady on their bedroom bed. And rest assured that he was very happy to see what the superb babe was sporting when she came in too. An all leather outfit that made his pretty blonde woman look even more pretty and sexy. Well as always, she gets to take the reins for this and first things first, you can see her going straight for his hard cock. Enjoy watching this sizzling hot woman as she gets to suck on some serious cock and have fun with the nice and hot scene. Of course, you also get to see her taking a ride on his cock as well, but we’ll let you enjoy that yourselves everyone!

chateau-cuir-couple loves leather sex

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Cherry in leather

Hey there everyone, we are back with another chateau cuir update today and we know that you will just adore this one. In this scene we have a sexy red headed mistress with glasses and classy clothes as she gets to enjoy taking her time to play with her man slut for this afternoon. She felt playful and since she was like that, this guy had to be the one to help her out with it today. Take your time to enjoy this one thoroughly as you will be in for some fem dom scenes that you will not forget to soon. And also check out some past updates as well to see Amirah, another cutie as she gets to show off how she likes to finger fuck herself too in her own scene as well. Meanwhile let’s get this show started for today shall we? We know you are eager to see them as well.chateau-cuir-cherry-in-leather

The superbly hot and sexy babe is named Cherry and she does love her chance to play with guys and their cocks every now and then as well. Like we said, today the mistress was feeling frisky once more and she simply had to do something about it as well. Watch the lady calling the dude into the scene and then see her waiting for him on the couch in her sexy and luscious outfit today. Of course, the dude knew what he’d be in for so he undressed without her giving him any order. He knows how she likes to play so she doesn’t have to say a word. Watch her having the guy lay on the floor in front of her and as he was cleaning her shoes with his tongue, you get to see her stroking his hard cock today. Enjoy this amazing scene and see you next time!

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Chateau Cuir – Admire Amirah

We come today with some new chateau cuir scenes and another sexy babe that gets to show off for you. As you can see, she has quite the fetish for leather and she sais that she always loves to wear leather clothes with nothing underneath. She said that it just gets her soo horny. Her name Is Amirah and she’s a beauty with long hair that will get to show off just how she likes to please herself for the afternoon. She has the whole thing to herself and rest assured that it’s quite the nice and sexy show to see with her today. So let’s get her show rolling as we bet that you guys are eager to see this gorgeous babe in action as well this afternoon too.

The scene has her making her entry wearing her said outfit. And you can see just how confident this babe is in herself by the look on herself too. Well who doesn’t like to see a babe that’s not afraid of showing off too. Sit back and relax as she gets to make her way to the couch and once there, you can see her taking her spot. Watch her slowly take off her leather pants for you guys today and then see her presenting you with her very lovely eager pink pussy too. And if you continue to watch you will see that she eventually gets around to play with herself too. Enjoy watching this lovely cutie as she gets to finger fuck herself all day today and enjoy!


Check out this kinky leather fetishist fingering herself!

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