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Chateau Cuir – Boots and Gloves

Chateau cuir is the place to go when you want to see some superb and sexy women showing off their skills for you. And on this first update here, we bring you a fine and sexy babe with a passion to show off. She’s got herself quite the sexy and kinky outfit, and she fully intends to show it off and be kinky and naughty for you guys as well. Let’s watch this sexy and hot babe in action in this fine and sexy scene, and see what she has to show off to you guys this nice and hot afternoon shall we? Click here to see an extra scene!

The brunette sexy babe makes her entry wearing a superbly hot and sexy set of clothes composed of mostly rubber and latex. And as you will see, it made her look super sexy as well. She was really really eager to show off her superb body to you and you can see the busty and sexy babe taking off her panties as she begins to rub herself gently for you while was bent over, grating quite the view of that wet and eager pussy this fine afternoon. So have fun and enjoy it, and see you next week with many more amazing and hot Chateau Cuir updates as per usual everyone! If you liked this scene, check out the site and watch another fetishist model getting kinky!


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Chateau Cuir – Leather glove handjob

Welcome back for a new and exciting Chateau Cuir update featuring a gorgeous babe ready to please a hung and horny guy. She is looking astonishing in a sexy brown leather outfit and high heel boots. What makes this scene even more exciting, is the fact that she is going to wank a cock wearing brown leather gloves. The guy is ready and super excited to feels her hands and warm mouth working on his cock, and she is a real pro.

So better sit back, relax and let this beautiful brunette do all the job. You are going to love her POV handjob scene. She wraps her hand around that big cock and starts stroking it gently, while she massages the guy’s balls with her other hand. When the guy’s cock gets rock hard, she takes it in her warm mouth to give him a wet sloppy blowjob.

This naughty brunette works her mouth and hands on the guy’s cock until he is ready to explode, and she starts jerking him off faster until he shoots stream after stream of hot creamy cum. Her gloves get covered and filled with his spunk. If you want more fun, go to and check out sexy babes wanking cocks and rubbing pussies in glove covered hands, you won’t regret it. Make sure to come back soon because new scenes will be awaiting you.



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Leather mistress, leather slave

As you are a leather lover, you will love watching the following chateau cuir scene! We have two horny babes, all covered up in leather outfits, both of them horny and super eager to play with each other. One of them, since she loves to demand and to be in charge, will make the other one play by her rules. She is going to turn her lover into a submissive slave that is going to do anything possible for her leather queen.

As you are going to see, the obedient one is going to get right down on her knees, bending and offering a full access to the other one, to come from behind, grab her butt cheeks and start pushing that huge strap on through that hole that she has into her leather outfit. Eager for more? Have a look at cause there are plenty of leather sluts drilling each other with everything that comes in handy. See this slutty brunette being shoved by that colossal tool, spanked all over her butt cheeks and used just like she wanted to be! She loves being punished by her mistress cause she knows that she has been such a bad girl lately! Stay tuned to see what other kinky things are going to happen here between these two and enjoy!chateau cuir sluts

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Chateau Cuir – Sitting on his face

Have a look at the following chateau cuir scenes, to see how these two leather sluts are going to make this guy pretty much their humble servant. He likes to be dominated and he is gonna let these babes do everything that they want too, with him. Enjoy seeing how they are gonna climb him and start making out, letting him lick their fully covered in leather bodies. He is getting turned on by the fact that the leather fabric is touching him in his private parts. Check out how these two will start jerking off his tool, grabbing his balls and pressing them gently and pulling them, while he is licking their pussies through the leather pants.

Get ready to see how he is about to cum, spreading his white sticky jizz right on their cute faces and into their mouths. They are going to take turns to please his guy and also to be pleased by him. They will both rub their bodies next to his and please each other, pinching their nipples, grabbing and squeezing their tits and also they will stuff their heads between their legs and start licking each other with such a great lust. See also the next Infernal Restraints Videos to see some similar hardcore scenes! Guess what’s about to happen with these three here!


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Naughty Mistress Amanda

Welcome back to the Chateau Cuir where sexy mistress Amanda is going to take good care of this guy who needs to be thought a lesson and soon you will find out why. She is having a great time sitting on his face and jerking his cock without allowing him to cum. She hired him to decorate her kitchen and she wanted her walls painted in red. When she got back her walls were green as the poor guy can’t make the difference between these two colors. She got mad but he was protesting saying that he did exactly as she asked.

Well she had to do something about so she dragged him to her bedroom and tied him to the bed, then she got on top of him and sat down on his face making him lick her pussy and ass. In the men time she was jerking his big cock and told him that he can’t cum before she gets an orgasm. If you like naughty babe teasing guys go to and check out a gorgeous babe in feet fetish scenes! Have fun and make sure to visit us again for more fun!


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Secretary loves leather sex

Hey guys! For today we have this slutty secretary that loves getting fucked by her boss in her chateau cuir leather outfits. It all started a few month ago when she first noticed her boss hitting on her. She didn’t need drama at her work place so she kept her distance from him. She found his attractive but she didn’t want to face him daily at work if things didn’t go too well. The curvy brunette changed her plans once she heard that they were going to fire some people. She did what she had to do to get his attention back and one day after work she waited until everyone was gone and then she went to his office to make sure she wasn’t going to be fired.

Things went way better that she expected and in no time she was on his black leather couch getting roughly hammered and getting his hard cock shoved in her holes one by one. This wasn’t a one time things and she made a routine of it and now each Friday after work she has these special meetings with her boss and no one can disturb them. If you want more fetish loving babes you must check out to see another leather loving babe in action. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

chateau cuir secretary loves leather sex

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Vicious Military Bitches

Another fresh week as always and one more new chateau cuir scene is here for your enjoyment everyone. This one is a bit special as we wanted to thank you in a way for following us for so long and helping us reach another milestone. But anyway, onwards with the show. In this new and sexy scene we have two babes that are wearing some really sexy and tight leather outfits that seem to be made for army officers as well. Well this guy was in training for the afternoon sort of speak and the two babes had the time of their lives delivering the training regiment as it were. Of course it consisted of him shooting his load multiple times too.

First off, you get to see them tying up this guy nicely in their little shop of sorts. And as you can see they are fully prepared for any occasion by the large number of toys and appliances that they have strung all over the place as well. Well they don’t get to use those today as this thing doesn’t require too many specialty tools. Just their expert hands. See them teasing him as they caress and pinch his body repeatedly and eventually they make their way down to his cock. Sit back and watch them stroking his big and hard cock until they make him jizz and they do it again and again until the guy is completely drained of jizz today. Enjoy and do check out the past updates as well for more! If you wanna see other beautiful babes in sexy uniforms teasing you, check out the jb video site!


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Chateau Cuir – Tied and Tortured

Well hey there once more guys and gals. We bring you some more nice and sexy chateau cuir scenes to see as always and it’s just what you like to see. A sexy and hot and horny leather wearing babe that gets to dominate her male sex slave for the afternoon. This babe in particular is a sizzling hot and sexy beauty with short black hair and some very sexy body curves too. Today she gets to have her turn to have fun with this guy in the dungeon and you can bet that she took full advantage of their time there as well too. Let’s get the show going today and not waste time as we bet that you are very much eager to see her at work for her superb scene.


Our female leather fetishist, has the whole afternoon planned today for her and this guy. Let’s get started and see her first as she ties the guy to a nice and secure wooden rack. She wants to make sure that he’s not going anywhere and so she ties him up. After that, you get to see the sexy woman whipping his naughty ass for a good while. But she wasn’t nearly done with just that. Oh no, then she put the whip in his mouth and put on her strap on dildo as well. She wanted to get tease the guy’s nice and tight ass with the sex toy as well for the afternoon. So enjoy it as always and do stay tuned for more new and hot scenes coming your way soon!

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Chateau Cuir – Dungeon Sex

Time to get to see another lucky man slut get dominated by a sexy babe this afternoon. The babe reserved the chateau cuir dungeon for the whole afternoon today specially for this guy and you can be sure that she was going to make full use of it for the afternoon. If you want to see more of these babes go wild, especially with one another, do check out some of our previous scenes and watch as and watch some of the babes going wild with one another. You can see them getting around to have a nice afternoon full of pussy pleasing and naughty playing too and those are amazing as well to watch and enjoy too!

Anyway, coming back to our lovely “couple” for the afternoon, this babe is going to take advantage of this guy being submissive as much as she wants. The dude simply couldn’t resist her anyway as she looks simply gorgeous with a body to kill for too. And who what guy in his right mind wouldn’t want to worship a sexy set of curves like this babe has for the whole afternoon too. Take your time to relax and watch as she makes him lick her whole body before anything else, and then as a reward she gets to use her trusty whip to punish his naughty and sexy round ass as well. As always we hope you liked it and we will be seeing you soon with more new content! Enjoy and have fun everyone. Bye ye!


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Slave Girl in Leather

Well we are back again with some more lady on lady action and we know you will love it as always too. This time the sex slave is one sexy blonde babe, and her leather mistress is going to be having quite a lot of fun with her in this nice chateau cuir scene too. The babe was due for a pussy pleasing and the mistress always likes her fuck buddies to be pleased on time. Well she was going to have quite a lot of fun today with her just like always and we can certainly say that it’s quite the treat to see as well. Take your time to see them at play and let’s get this started without delay to enjoy the scene shall we everyone?


You would think that the mistress is mean, but she isn’t really. She’s just dominant. And as long as you let her have her way you will most certainly be in for some good times. The blonde was waiting for the babe on the bed in her sexy and hot see through lingerie and as soon as the mistress walks in as well you can see that she already had her strap on prepared to please this babe. Watch her having the blonde sucking and slurping on the sex toy to get it nice and ready for her pussy first. Then she spreads those nice and sexy long legs and you see her making the blonde moan in pleasure at the hard style dicking that she delivers! For similar videos and pics, join the blog and watch some stunning models getting undressed and bounded! Have fun!

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