Painful Entertainment

This week’s scene has more Chateau Cuir goodies that you can see and they are just as sexy and hot as always. We wanted to bring you more of the babe that you got to see quite a lot in the past today and she was as gorgeous as always in this scene too. You will recall that last time you saw her she got wild with another blonde mistress and the two of them had lots of fun times together with the blonde pounding her tight wet pussy with a strap on dildo as well. It was a lot of fun to see them at play so make sure you check that out as well. Well in this new and sexy scene the sexy babe has another guy on her hands that she wants to discipline and you can bet that she sure took her sweet time to do it as well.

This guy always likes to talk back to her and today the mistress finally had enough of this. So he got himself in quite a bit of trouble you might say. We say that because as generous and kind as this mistress can be, if you anger her you should expect a big backlash from the whole thing. Sit back and watch her having fun this whole afternoon as she teases him as much as he wants and he has no say in it at all. You get to see her slap all of his body causing him pleasure through pain and she also makes sure to play with herself in front of him just to get him rock hard and then to punish him for that too. It’s definitely a scene that you don’t want to skip so take your time and have fun with it today!


See this nasty mistress messing around with her slave!