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Chateau Cuir Video – Leather Catsuits

Another fresh week and time for one more chateau cuir video for you guys to see. Well the brunette mistress and one of her friends decided to have some more fun with each other while wearing kinky suits today, and you’d get to see it all as usual. Let’s watch them in action as for this afternoon they planned quite the amazing and hot lesbian fun session for your enjoyment as well. Both of them were wearing some nice and tight and sexy full body leather suits as well, and they had a strap on dildo to play with as well for this scene. Let’s get started and see them in action without delay today. We know that you are eager to see what went down as well with them too.

The cameras start rolling, and first thing you get to see, is the two babes kissing and caressing one another’s suited up bodies. And that seems to turn them on more and more. The brunette in her red leather suit kneels, and begins to suck on her buddy’s strap on to lube it nicely for her pussy, and then bends over to take it nice and hard from behind in her sweet cunt. Of course she also gets to wear it and fuck the blonde too, as she takes a nice and hard ride on top of her and the toy too. Enjoy the superb and hot update, and do check out the past scenes as well for some more amazing mistresses all dressed up in leather!

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Chateau Cuir – Cum On Mistress Red Video

Hey there guys and gals, today it’s time to see another superb and sexy chateau cuir video update. This time we have a mistress called simply Red and she has a new man slut to toy with from today onward. She is super happy about it too, and she intended to break him in sort of speak with this first scene. And to boot, like we said, it’s a full video of her playing with him and teasing him, and having him please her pussy as well. You just need to see it so make sure that you don’t waste a single second while watching this amazing video.

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This babe also happens to be quite the sexy and hot mature lady, and rest assured that you will get to see her amazing and hot body as well. Watch her starting off a bit more lightly to test him, as she strokes and caresses his tiny cock while she planted her sweet and wet pussy on his face. Watch her moaning in pleasure, and see her letting him fuck her cunt too for a while. and to end this fresh and hot video, you see her having the dude cum on her nice and sexy ass and her leather dress as well. Enjoy it and see you soon!

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The Best Leather Fetish Scene

It seems that the mistresses got together again this week to have some fun, and of course you get to see it all once more. Your favorite brunette sexy mistress is back with more of her mistress buddies, and they get to spend the evening together being all naughty and kinky as always. Let’s watch the chateau cuir show unfold with them as they get to have some nice and sexy times with one another lovely bodies. We know that you are eager to see them play too, so let’s not waste time anymore to just see them play!

All of them were wearing red latex and black leather, and looked smoking hot too. And as we said, you know that they are kinky and naughty. So they did just about everything to one another this fine evening. Sit back and watch as two babes tease the other as they play with her body and pussy, and see them fucking that wet cunt of hers with a dildo too. Of course they all end up taking turns to please each other with the sex toys and we’re sure that you will just adore the scene. See you next week with another fresh update! Until then, check out the blog and watch some similar videos and pics, featuring some kinky babes who are crazy about getting tied up and fucked!


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Spunk On My Leather Coat

Well well well, it seems that everyone loved Candy’s chateau cuir scene last week and begged to see her again. For this scene we brought her in again, and she was more than happy to get to play with another man slut today just for your viewing pleasure. She has this guy all to herself once more and she fully intends to have fun with him as much as she can without delay. Let’s see her in action once more as she gets to order the dude around and tease him with her superb body and kinky little outfit once more shall we?


This fresh gallery starts off with her making her entry while wearing another superb outfit for your enjoyment, and she seems more than happy to show off like we said. She makes the guy take a seat, and starts to toy with him and his body. See her making her way lower and lower towards his cock, and this visibly make the guy more and more turned on with his cock getting harder and harder. See this slutty mistress as she jerks him off once more, and at the end see her letting him blow his sticky jizz load on her leather coat as well! If you liked this scene, click here and enjoy watching some similar videos and pics! See you soon!

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Russian Mistress Candy In Action

This time we bring Candy back in the fresh and hot chateau cuir  update that we have for you today. You will surely remember this babe from one of the updates in the past weeks. Well this time she is back all by herself and she wants to show off how she likes to party when solo. And as last time, she comes dressed in her sexy and hot leather dress all eager to show off too. Anyway, let’s not postpone it any longer and see the cutie in action for this update as she gets to play with herself in front of you.

Miss Candy sure knows how to work her superb body for the cameras and you, and you are greeted with some nice and sexy poses from her as she struts around and parades her simply delicious womanly curves today. When she takes her seat, she spreads open those sexy legs to show off her pussy for you, and it’s also revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Take your time to see her rubbing and fingering her sweet pussy, and enjoy this superb show with her for the afternoon. IF you liked this beauty, you can enter the house of taboo and enjoy watching some beauties fingering!


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Chateau Cuir – Sex In Leather

As another fresh week started off, we just had to bring you this fresh and hot chateau cuir update. This time the sexy and hot brunette mistress is back once more for you, and this fine afternoon she gets to show off how she likes to enjoy her cock when she’s not playing with her man sluts. So she got this good fuck buddy to drop by and have fun with her too. Let’s watch her having fun with his cock and greeting him with her superb and sexy outfit today. She was dressed for the occasion as always, and you know she has little trouble to turn guys on any time of the day!


First off, she spreads those nice and sexy long legs for the guy, and she starts to moan in pleasure at the special treatment that she gets as the guy starts to work that eager and wet pussy of hers with his expert tongue today. She wanted to reward him in kind as well, and you get to see her wrapping those luscious lips around that hard and eager cock as well, and you see her sucking and slurping on it with a passion today. Enjoy as she later takes a nice and hard pussy fucking from the guy’s cock as well! Don’t forget that you can find some similar videos and picture galleries inside the site, so check it out! See you soon, friends!

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Chateau Cuir – Leather Pervert

This nice afternoon chateau cuir is back with some more fresh and hot content for you. In this special and sexy gallery we bring you a brown headed mistress that just adores jizz and she always wants to make her man sluts blow their load for her. And today she’s here to demonstrate her perfect technique of squeezing the man juice out of every stud that she gets to have for herself. So let’s take the time to see this superb and sexy little cutie as she gets to have all the fun that she wants with her man toy this afternoon without anymore delays shall we everyone? We know you want to see it too. If you are in the mood to see another hot babe, just like this one, check out this post!

This hot and horny babe, like we said, has quite the adoration for leather clothes, and she makes no effort to hide it either, as she always feels happy to show it off. See her teasing her man and see her playing with his body all afternoon long. Watch her stroking his cock fast and hard until he’s about to blow, and then every time, see her stop to tease him some more as well. In the end she wants to give him a reward for being such a good sport and bends over presenting him with her leathery round ass for him to jerk off to. See him blow a load all over it making his mistress super happy today! Have fun watching the entire update and don’t forget that you can find some similar videos and pics inside the site. See you soon,friends!


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Leather Outdoors Lesbians

This fine week we have another superb and hot BDSM chateau cuir scene to show off, and we bet that you will adore it as always. The sexy brunette mistress comes back this fine week, and in this amazing scene, we get to see her having fun with a good friend of hers that happens to be a mistress as well. You got to see her last week too, but toady, the two divine bitches wants to show off how they like to have fun when they are all by themselves. Let’s not waste time and see them playing with each other’s sweet pussies shall we?

chateau-cuir-leather-outdoor-lesbiansThe scene itself was shot outdoors. And that is because these two ladies are just too kinky and naughty to be able to get any pleasure in the confides of the house. Well anyway, it was a pretty nice and sunny day too, so it was just perfect for this super sexy and hot sexual outing this afternoon. Let’s take the time to see them in action, and watch the brunette as she pulls out a nice and big strap on dildo to start having some fun with her blonde friend today. Take the time to see them taking turns fucking each other’s pussies nice and deep with the toy and enjoy the show. We will be taking our leave now but we’ll see you again next week as always!

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Handjob By Leather Dommes

Hey there once more everyone, and welcome once more to chateau cuir. This time we have a special little treat for you as you can see. In this fine and sexy update we have no less than three very hot and horny mistresses having fun with one of their submissive male sex slaves, and they intended to have all the fun that they could with him. Let’s take the time to enjoy seeing the action go down with them, and see them enjoying taking their time to play with their little man slut for the afternoon today shall we everyone?

The trio of hot mistresses appear clad in their super sexy and sizzling hot outfits today, and they seem very very eager to get to have some fun one way or the other. Trailing them of course is the guy that they intend to have fun with, and as soon as they are all gathered, they start to play with their man toy for the afternoon. Sit back and watch these sexy and horny babes teasing and playing with the guy’s cock using their slutty hands, and see them continue until they make him blow a nice and big jizz load as well. See you next week!


See these leather mistresses playing with their slave!

Chateau Cuir – Leather Goddess Liza

Hey there guys, and welcome to a fresh and hot chateau cuir update today. In this one we have some female domination for you to see, and presenting the whole thing today is miss Liza. She’s a superbly hot and sexy brunette with long hair and quite the dominating mistress too. This fine afternoon she has one superb and submissive stud to listen to all of her orders, and you can see her going wild with him for the afternoon. Let’s not delay any longer as we bet that you guys also wish to see this simply amazing and sizzling hot babe doing her stuff in front of the cameras with her little sex slave today. So let’s get her superb show on the road shall we?


The superb and hot scene starts with her making her entry wearing a long and sexy black satin dress, and a pair of elbow long gloves along with her thigh high stockings and her sexy high heels too. And trailing behind her, is the stud that’s going to get ordered around at her discretion. She takes a seat, and first things first, she uses the guy as her own personal little foot rest as she puts her feet on top of him. Anyway, do sit back and enjoy this chateau-cuir show as you will be able to see the simply superb and sexy mature as she gets to do whatever she wants with this stud for the afternoon today. We will be back next week with some more fresh and hot content for you to see!

Watch this mistress all in leather playing with her slave!

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