Chateau Cuir – Tied and Tortured

Well hey there once more guys and gals. We bring you some more nice and sexy chateau cuir scenes to see as always and it’s just what you like to see. A sexy and hot and horny leather wearing babe that gets to dominate her male sex slave for the afternoon. This babe in particular is a sizzling hot and sexy beauty with short black hair and some very sexy body curves too. Today she gets to have her turn to have fun with this guy in the dungeon and you can bet that she took full advantage of their time there as well too. Let’s get the show going today and not waste time as we bet that you are very much eager to see her at work for her superb scene.


Our female leather fetishist, has the whole afternoon planned today for her and this guy. Let’s get started and see her first as she ties the guy to a nice and secure wooden rack. She wants to make sure that he’s not going anywhere and so she ties him up. After that, you get to see the sexy woman whipping his naughty ass for a good while. But she wasn’t nearly done with just that. Oh no, then she put the whip in his mouth and put on her strap on dildo as well. She wanted to get tease the guy’s nice and tight ass with the sex toy as well for the afternoon. So enjoy it as always and do stay tuned for more new and hot scenes coming your way soon!

See this leather fetishist teasing her slave!