Chateau Cuir – Leather Goddess Liza

Hey there guys, and welcome to a fresh and hot chateau cuir update today. In this one we have some female domination for you to see, and presenting the whole thing today is miss Liza. She’s a superbly hot and sexy brunette with long hair and quite the dominating mistress too. This fine afternoon she has one superb and submissive stud to listen to all of her orders, and you can see her going wild with him for the afternoon. Let’s not delay any longer as we bet that you guys also wish to see this simply amazing and sizzling hot babe doing her stuff in front of the cameras with her little sex slave today. So let’s get her superb show on the road shall we?


The superb and hot scene starts with her making her entry wearing a long and sexy black satin dress, and a pair of elbow long gloves along with her thigh high stockings and her sexy high heels too. And trailing behind her, is the stud that’s going to get ordered around at her discretion. She takes a seat, and first things first, she uses the guy as her own personal little foot rest as she puts her feet on top of him. Anyway, do sit back and enjoy this chateau-cuir show as you will be able to see the simply superb and sexy mature as she gets to do whatever she wants with this stud for the afternoon today. We will be back next week with some more fresh and hot content for you to see!

Watch this mistress all in leather playing with her slave!