Never Too Much Leather

As we promised you last week, today is time for one more new chateau cuir update for you. This time we bring you a couple. And it’s a couple that just adores leather clothing nonetheless as well. Today you get to see these two just how passionate they can get when they have sex and rest assured that it makes for some good entertainment too. The lady and the dude here want to show off everything that they like to do in bed and you get to see every detail of it as well for this nice and hot scene too. So without further due, let’s get the cameras to roll once more and see how the two spent their afternoon today shall we everyone?

The couple first appear in their all black leather clothing and you can see them already kissing and caressing one another passionately. They seemed to have returned from a very fun night out and they seem to have gotten pretty horny by the time that they got back home. Of course, they locked the door behind them as they didn’t want to have anyone disturb them at any point today. Watch as the babe letting the lucky dude play with her perky natural tits first and then see her drop to her knees to suck and deep throat that hard cock. And after that, well, we’ll leave it up to you to discover everyone. Enjoy it and do come back next week for more!

chateau-cuir-lots of leather

Watch this leather loving couple pleasing one another!